Project Description

Business Data Analytics

  • July 13–24, 2020

  • 5 ECTS

  • Rajesh Sharma


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

  • Basic programming skills

  • B2 English level

About the course

It is a well established fact that in recent years, almost 90 percent of data has been generated of all the data which exists in the world. This data is expected to increase with the addition of new (online) platforms and various devices to cater a different kind of customers‘ needs. The explosion of data has forced companies and specifically their marketing teams to take a data science approach for analyzing the data to generate a business value of it. However, in many cases, the companies have failed to generate a business value of the data which is lying in their repository primarily because of lack of employees who are aware of concepts and tools which can help them in mining the data. To fill this gap, in this course, participants will come across various solutions for solving different business problems in the fields of sales, marketing, and business operations by applying statistical analysis and data mining techniques. This course can be categorized as more of a problem-oriented rather than solution-oriented. In every new lecture, a new problem is introduced from the domain of business, keeping customers as a main central entity. Each lecture is also complemented with the use cases and solutions from the data science field. The course will be a hands-on session and at the end of the course, the students will have acquired the skills needed to read and understand the literature on business data problems, especially to start performing independently and meaningfully a rigorous evaluation of various solutions which can impact the business.

Aims of the course

  • Exposing participants to the fundamentals of business data analytics.
  • Building confidence and capability among the participants in the domain of business analytics regarding various problems.
  • Providing exposure to practical problems and their solutions, through case studies and technical solutions.
  • Enhancing the capability of the participants to solve various business problems through a variety of data analytics solutions.

Why should you attend this course?

In today’s world data is new oil which have been used by companies in understanding their customers better so that they can provide better services in return can achieve two fold objectives namely 1) customers’ satisfaction and 2) profit. This course will provide various data science techniques which can be used in various business problems to solve specific business problems.

After the course, you will:

  • be confident in performing 1) exploratory data analysis and 2) applying data science methods in the domain of business analytics using python.

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